We have developed a range of solutions to serve the needs of different entities and situations. Your system will be tailormade, whether you only need forecast values or a complete flood warning system with a dashboard and IT apps.

You will easily be able to check the risk of flood from your phone, a web app or dashboard. Here you will see the predictions of daily water levels several days ahead in your area and a chart of symbols indicating the risk level from green to red. You can also choose to receive an alert if the risk of flood is high.

Each system is case specific since the modeling strategy must be readapted to the local conditions and the available data. These can be from different sources (NVE, Met, Kartverket, hydropower companies, clients’ own sensors data, etc.) and have different time and spatial scales.
Our systems make the best use of available data, and we can propose solutions to collect data in the future that can improve their performance.

You don’t need to worry about the details, we will inform and guide you through the process once you contact us.

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One-time startup fee

We will build, develop and validate your forecasting system. It will be tailormade, considering:

  • The desired parameters to be predicted (water level, flow rate, mean flow velocity, temperature, substance concentration, etc.).
  • The desired forecast horizons (ranging from hours to days).
  • The desired dashboard solutions (webapp, mobile app, 2D and 3D interactive maps, APIs).


Continuous service provider
Yearly fee

We will keep you up to date on the water levels and the risk of flood in your area and provide the following:

  • Continuous predictions (e.g., water level) for defined forecast horizons ranging from hours and up to seven days.
  • System/prediction quality monitoring.
  • Recalibration of the model.


Quote on demand

We draw upon our 20 years of experience in floods, engineering, AI solutions and forecasting systems expertise to provide you with:

  • Technical studies (case analysis, identification of causes and vulnerability, recommendations, solution proposals, etc.).
  • Operational support to emergency or operational organizations in the follow-up of a flood event.
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