About Forsyst

Floods and landslides are the most lethal and destructive natural phenomena in Norway next to storms. No other natural disasters take more human lives or have larger economic consequences. With climate change, we can expect higher temperatures and increased rain. This also means an increased risk of more devastating and frequent floods. This is why we established Forsyst.
Our company strives to accurately predict floods so that public and private entities can prepare and prevent damages to infrastructure, buildings, livestock and other elements at risk.

Forsyst was founded by a trio of former colleagues working at the University of Agder drawing upon our joint expertise

  • Including more than 20 years in flood research, engineering, intelligent weather forecasting systems and developing AI solutions.
  • We build forecasting systems to predict floods.
  • What makes our systems stand out is their ability to predict water levels and assess the risk associated for each individual day.
  • This allows enough time for communities to manage the risk and take the measures needed.
  • Our flood warning systems are based on a unique blend of traditional physical-based with newer data-driven AI methods.
  • We can accurately predict floods up to seven days in advance.
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Joao Leal

R&D manager & Co- founder

Professor at the Department of Engineering Sciences, UiA. PhD in Civil Engineering (flood waves propagation). MSc Hydraulics and Water Resources (dam-break floods). Degree Civil Engineering (Hydraulics and Water Resources).


Johan Olav Brakestad


Lecturer in instrumentation systems at UiA and control theory at FagskolenKrs. Engineering degree in signal processing from University of Stavanger. Main thesis on automated detection on classifications in digital mammograms. Management degree from the Norwegian Military academy – Krigsskolen.


Ghali Yakoub

CEO & Co- founder

Ph.D. researcher fellow at the UiA. Main topic in intelligent forecasting systems utilizing weather forecasts for wind energy applications. M.Sc. degree in Renewable Energy from UiA (Intelligent water level forecasting using ANN)